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Welcome to Tracey Nails & Skin Care

Tracey Nails & Skin Care is a specialized beauty salon located in Lake Oswego. Our aim is to inspire our clients with the feeling of beauty by providing them with quality beauty services. We bring you the most exceptional and unique beauty services in a clean and friendly environment. Enhance your personal appearance by getting the benefits of our beauty solutions.

Being one of the best local nail salons in Lake Oswego, we provide the best manicure and pedicure treatments to our clients. Nails can be considered an ornament for the womenfolk. Growing long, shining, glossy and beautiful nails is the hobby of every individual woman. Thus, maintaining them becomes a necessary option.

Get your nails pampered at the best nails spa of the town

At our best nails spa, you can get all types of nail maintenance treatment. Our nail experts perform various treatments on fingernails as well toenails, and some of our well- qualified professionals are even trained to provide full pedicure treatments like foot massages and dead skin removal. We also provide you the best nail art designs. Some of the common nail art designs include the application of imitation jewels or decals, artificial gel nails, acrylics, tip coloring and so on.

Spa pedicure by the best professionals

A spa pedicure is a process of cleaning and removing the dead skin cells from the toenails and feet. This type of pedicure helps in preventing nail diseases. This type of foot spa is also accompanied by foot massage which helps in skin rejuvenation as well as in muscle relaxation.

After pedicure spa, gel nail color is applied. The gel nail color is much more efficient and it involves three basic steps: base coat, nail color, and top coat. Once the layering is done, the nails are dried with a UV nail lamp. After the toenails get gel polished, then the pedicure gets ready to withstand the exposures of sun, dirt, and sand etc. After this procedure, the nails start rendering a jewel shining look.

Come and rejuvenate yourself with the best beauty treatment.

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