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Tracey Nails & Skin Care is one of the best beauty salons in Lake Oswego which is reputed for providing different types of beauty treatment services.

Eyelash extension

Eyelash extension

Thick and long eyelashes have always been a beauty symbol. With the various innovative ways of getting eyelash extensions, every woman now can get sparkling eyes. The best way to make one’s existing lashes look longer than before is by undergoing the beauty treatment of eyelash extensions. Extensions of eyelashes can be both semi-permanent and permanent. This type of eyelash extension service improves and enhances one’s look by increasing their length, making the lashes thicker.

Nails spa

we are also known for our nail care services. We provide different types of nail extensions materials like acrylic, gel, skin nail wraps or fiberglass and so on. One can go for manicure and pedicure treatments along with nail extension treatment. Our nail spa offers a wide range of special pedicure and manicure treatment; nails paint and polish services and so on. There are also specific nail treatments which help in the strengthening of the unhealthy and brittle nails.

Foot pedicure

The gel treatment is suitable for a foot pedicure, because they are more durable on toenails and lasts for many weeks. There are different types of gel for pedicure use. It allows the nails to bend easily, without cracking or breaking the toenail. Nowadays, both fingers and toenails can be extended through acrylic nails extension. Before treating the toenails, the professionals clean and massage the foot very well.

Custom facial

The benefits of custom facial treatment could be experienced through rejuvenation and physical relaxation or mental relief. Facial treatments not only relax the skin and the mind but also help to clear off the dust particles, reduce the pores, blemishes, and pigmentations to make the skin look young and revitalized.

Eyebrow waxing

Eyebrows that are perfectly shaped contribute a lot towards the appearance of a person. To emphasize the shape of the face, one must have well- groomed eyebrows. Women, who love to do eye makeup, always go for eyebrow waxing or threading.

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